3 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Your Wedding Planning

3 Things You Need to Know

Before You Start Your Wedding Planning

A proposal of marriage – you said yes.  People to call, celebrating to be had!  Isn’t this fun??  Now that the excitement is under control (well for the time-being) and the phone calls/TMs are done, let’s start wedding planning, right?  STOP right there and read this blog first.

Wedding planning is/can be a very stressful time. Even if your big day is a year or more away, many things jump in your way, cause you grief. Wedding planning isn’t easy. There’s so much information out there! Everything from the check lists to blogs and magazines, Pinterest, friends and family input.  It can be very overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

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I’ve had a lot of brides come to me over the years after they experienced months of anxiety, information overload or just plain stuck as to where to start.  A date had to be set, a venue to be chosen, dresses to try on…decisions had to be made. But the whole wedding planning process was sucking the fun right out of them.

I want you to avoid all that initial overwhelm by hearing from some of my former brides. They are each sharing one thing they wished they had known to do before they started their planning.

Being Indecisive or changing your mind too often

“We started 2 years before our wedding putting our plans together” said bride Janice. “That’s a long time for other ideas and trends to grab your attention. There will always be colour schemes you didn’t choose, invitations you liked better, and nicer venues. But once you make a decision, you have to stick to it–or else you’ll drive yourself (and possibly everyone around you) completely crazy. So carefully weigh your options before you commit, but when it feels right, go with it.”

 Tip:  If you’re unsure about any decisions, just wait or do your best if the time allows for it. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Not knowing the proper timeline to book things

Jennifer shares this bit of her wedding planning trials: “There were some things I did way too early like my invitations and picking my bridal party.  I had to redo the invitations as we ended up changing the date due to a family matter. I should have taken more time in choosing my MOH as she was totally non-supportive. On the other hand, I waited too long to hire a florist and the DJ.  They were both important parts of our wedding, but I just didn’t seem to grasp the idea that I had to get them booked so early”.

Tip:  Always leave yourself enough time to complete any DIY projects. And don’t book or buy anything until you are 100% certain this is what you want.

Setting your standards too high

“I’ve always had a vision of what my dream wedding would look like’, says bride Kathy. ‘Even though we had a fairly healthy budget, I wasn’t prepared for what things actually cost. And all the little details started adding up”.  So we had to make our priorities – what was important to us and not so important. In the end we had a beautiful wedding as I had envisioned and stayed pretty close to our budget”.

Tip: If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation, decide what you must have, what would be nice to have, what you absolutely won’t have, and what wouldn’t be so terrible if you had it. The goal is to figure out what is best for your budget and your dreams.

I find I often have to reassure my couples that the first decisions regarding their wedding planning are often the hardest.  But over time they do get easier and things will fall into place. The one thing I do stress to them is that ‘your guests’ are one of the most important parts of your wedding.  When making decisions, ask yourself – if I was a guest how would I feel about this……….? Not that your guests have to be instrumental in all aspects of the wedding planning process, but they should be considered.

In the end, you want to surround yourselves with the people you love and if they are happy, you will be too.  In a previous blog ‘Whose Wedding is This Anyway’ , I talk a bit about getting started with your wedding planning and how a Wedding coach could help you.

I know you probably have questions about planning your wedding. So I’d like to offer you an opportunity to ask your most pressing one with a FREE 15 minute Chat Session with moi.  Just click here to set up a time that is convenient with you and we’re good to go.  We’ll exchange Skype addresses and then talk.  Can’t wait to hear about your plans.

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