The Ups and Downs of Wedding Planning and How to Get Through it

Hey, I heard you’re engaged.  That’s terrific news!  Bask in that moment and make it last as long as you can before the wedding planning challenges take over. It’s not going to be all sunshine and lollipops as you get ready to walk up that aisle.  It’s going to be bit (or a lot) like a rollercoaster ride.  But that’s ok.  Wedding planning is an emotional time. You’re marrying the one you love and there are tons of decisions to be made.

It’s never an easy task planning for a perfect wedding. And you do want a perfect wedding, right? Well, I don’t mean to burst your bubble but there are no perfect weddings. Not even Meagan and Prince Harry’s.  However, I bet it was so close that in their minds it was. And that’s what really matters.  That when the day is done, you can look back and say it was perfect.

So the question is: How do we make it as close to perfect as possible?  The answer: First, realize that there are a lot of challenges to overcome.

Wedding planning challenges for bride and groom

I’m sure you already know that wedding planning has it ups, and its downs. You’ve heard stories – good and bad. Knowing there are going to be moments when your head is all over the place and you can’t seem to come to any kind of agreement on anything, is half the battle. The other half is recognizing those wedding planning challenges and working your way through them.  As a bride you can breathe a big sigh of relief: these up-and-down feelings are totally normal. Weddings, no matter the size, are an important milestone and therefore generates a lot of mixed emotions. Major change can be scary, even when it’s something you want. And planning a wedding is Major Change! Wouldn’t you agree?

Embrace the ups and downs!

I realize everyone, and especially if they are a bride, has a different level for stress. How we handle what life throws at us determines how that stress affects us.  Peruse some of these challenges and see if wedding planning has got a bit too much for you.  I can guarantee you have or will encounter at least one of them. But the good news is I’m offering you a possible solution that should make life just a bit better.

Wedding Planning Challenges

My wedding – my life

The problem:  Not only is it taking up a lot of your time (which is normal) but you maybe subconsciously pinning, clipping, downloading – all things wedding.

The Solution: Take an hour this week and sort through and delete any and all things that you will not realistically have at your wedding. Make way for the real wedding!

Where has all the fun gone?

The problem: Talking about your wedding causes your anxiety level to go up, to burst into tears or just don’t see the point in it all any more.

The solution: Take a break. A weekend away and no wedding talk.  You’ll come back refreshed and get much more work done with a clear head.

Bride & Groom with wedding guests

The to-do list overwhelm

The problem: They told you to make lists and now you have a list of lists. There is so much to do and there seems to be not enough time to get it all done.

The solution:  Things have to get done. If you are having an un-wedding feeling day, do some of the smaller tasks or fun ones. And don’t forget, there are 2 of you in this journey. Enlist your better half and/or your bridal party. Many hands make light work!

Grooms are from Mars

The problem: The groom seems a little too relaxed and not participating as expected. Ladies, the one thing I have learned from planning hundreds of weddings and being a wife, men work at a different speed and time table than we do.  They see and do things differently.

The solution:  Accept that he will get done what you have asked him to do.  But it will be on his time schedule. If that is hard for you to accept, give him a deadline to get it done (and expect it to be the last day before it gets done). If that bothers you, let him know – calmly – that this wedding is stressing you out and you would like him to not add to that.  This wedding planning challenge can be the most frustrating but communicate. You’ll find he’ll step up and help.

Your friends are either avoiding you or always checking in

The problem:  your besties seemed to have all vanished – oh, did you maybe OD on the wedding updates the last 3 times you got together? So now you’ve realized your mistake and have backed off and now they are calling to see if you are ok.

The solution:  This may be your dream wedding but remember it’s not theirs. They are excited for you and want to know what’s going on, but keep the information to the Reader’s Digest/Coles Notes version. Don’t forget to ask how they are doing.

Groom and groomsmen


This is how one bride summed up her wedding planning challenges: “I realized that love isn’t about a perfect, flawless wedding. It’s not about matching linens, working pipes or even a sunny day. It’s about enjoying yourself and celebrating finding the one you’re about to spend the rest of your life with”.

What wedding planning challenges are you having?  I know you probably have questions about planning your wedding. So I’d like to offer you an opportunity to ask your most pressing one with a FREE 15 minute Chat Session with moi.  Just click here to set up a time that is convenient with you and we’re good to go.  We’ll exchange Skype addresses and then talk.  Can’t wait to hear about your plans.

Nancy Curtis

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