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6 Signs that you may need a Wedding Coach

If you’re just starting your planning, read my blog Whose Wedding is this Anyway to get a sense of where to begin.

Wedding Coaching is perfect if you’re a bride who “wants-to-plan-it myself” type of gal. As a couple you are excited to tackle your wedding planning adventure yourselves. But you also recognize that you don’t know everything there is to know. You want things to go well and enjoy the planning part as much as the wedding day itself.

Hiring a full wedding planner is not in the cards (or budget), but you know that you really don’t want to go through that wedding maze alone. This is when a Wedding Coach becomes the PERFECT solution!

You Know You Need a Wedding Coach if:

  1. Your emotions are all over the place – stressed, anxious, overwhelmed.
  2. Parental and family expectations are clashing and interfering with your ideas.
  3. You’re not a self-starter so doubting your decisions or not sure how to proceed.
  4. You have no clue about what things cost or how to budget for them.
  5. You worry about what might or might not happen too much.
  6. You don’t have an objective person to talk to about all that is happening – that can give you advice with your dreams in mind.

If any of this sounds like you, then invest 15 minutes of your time and have a Free Chat with me. I can answer your most pressing concern or challenge –

  • maybe it’s just where do I start?
  • what can I expect in the months ahead?
  • Tell me more about how you can make me less stressed.

I don’t want to plan your wedding.  That’s your baby. I just want to help you get the most from your plans and make you happy. Getting some guidance and support along the way will make the planning so much more fun. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?  Give me a Shout. What have you got to lose – Stress? Anxiety?

Happy Planning!!                                                                                          Photo by Julie Whitlock Photography

Nancy Curtis

Nancy (that's me) is a Kickass Virtual Wedding Planner whose goal is to give every bride the opportunity to plan their wedding with as little stress as possible. Is that something you would like to do? Step by step, I show you how to plan the wedding of your dreams without having to spend countless hours or put yourself in debt. I believe with the right plan for your wedding, you can have that special day you've been dreaming of and enjoy every step of the way. Would you like more information about HOW I can help reduce the stress and overwhelm in your wedding planning? Drop me a line with your details using my CONTACT FORM HERE and I'll follow up with your promptly. And in the meantime, while you're waiting, get started with your wedding planning by Downloading my FREE Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide to avoid the overwhelm in your wedding planning. Happy Planning!

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