Wedding guests in church


By Nancy Curtis / August 15, 2017

Let’s face it: Weddings are expensive, and they take a lot of work to plan. Determining the right number of wedding guests to be on your list will be your biggest worry AND your toughest task. So when you think about it, why should you invite someone if they aren’t really all that important to you?…

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Wedding Planning Decisions

Whose Wedding is this Anyway?

By Nancy Curtis / July 18, 2017

There seems to be soooo many people out there these days that want to help you plan your wedding. First you have your family – both sides! And of course all your friends who are so excited for you and have been there or saw it done this way…  Then all the vendor experts who…

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DIY Wedding - Bride & Flowers

Does your wedding have a Plan C?

By Nancy Curtis / June 13, 2017

Your Wedding Plan – Is it necessary to have a Plan C? An outdoor wedding without a back up wedding plan location could be a recipe for disaster. We all know that when we are planning something we should have a Plan B right? Anytime you are involved in putting together some event or activity…

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Wedding Budget – Why it’s so important to do it Now!

By Nancy Curtis / April 10, 2017

Do you solemnly swear to make a wedding budget, honour it, be true to it in good times and bad, in sickness and in health from this day forward? The biggest day of your life could cost more than you think. I’m talking your Wedding Budget! When starting to plan your wedding, it is so…

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Do you REALLY know what your Wedding Day will cost You???

By Nancy Curtis / April 5, 2017

For most couples, a wedding is the first time you’ll ever have to think about planning a huge event, let alone creating a wedding budget. This usually means lots of people start planning in a similar way: First you think about the wedding you want. Then you think about how much you’re comfortable spending. And then…

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Cash bar yes or no?

Cash Bar: Norm or No-No?

By Nancy Curtis / June 9, 2016

Sometimes clients ask me if a cash bar at their wedding reception is the norm or a no-no. Truthfully, it’s a touchy subject that everyone has an opinion on.  When many couples start planning their wedding budget they are often surprised at the cost of the reception, so a normal first reaction is to ask ‘where…

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8 Mistakes to avoid when picking your bridesmaids’ dresses

By Nancy Curtis / May 19, 2016

Today we’re welcoming our friends at Best For Bride to the blog for a special guest post about how to avoid pitfalls when shopping for your bridesmaids’ dresses. What challenges have you faced in choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses? Let us know in the comments at the end of the post! Of the many wedding planning decisions…

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Here Comes The Bride: Things to think about when choosing your wedding music

By Nancy Curtis / May 5, 2016

We hear music everywhere these days — at the store, in the car, at the gym, at the office — so it would seem natural to have it at your wedding. I think most people would agree. But how much time and attention do we have to pay to it as part of the wedding…

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Are you guilty of this?

By Nancy Curtis / April 21, 2016

The other weekend, friends of ours were over for dinner. Over the course of the evening, Dave* mentioned that he had still not received a thank you note from his grandson and wife from their wedding in early fall last year.  He remarked that he had seen them several times since the wedding and nothing was mentioned. But…

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DIY Weddings - who helps the bride and party?

9 Things That DIY Weddings Won’t Do For You

By Nancy Curtis / April 7, 2016

You’re getting married. Everyone wants to help, everyone has an opinion, things are becoming overwhelming and you just want to run away. And you are just getting started! That wasn’t what you were dreaming about when you first got engaged, was it? DIY Weddings! It all sounds so easy and dreamy, maybe a little confusing…

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