5 Benefits to hiring a Virtual Wedding Planner

5 Benefits of hiring a Virtual Wedding Planner


Before I list the benefits of a hiring a Virtual Wedding Planner to help you get started, it might be helpful if you understood what one did. In a nutshell, I don’t do virtual weddings, rather I help plan your wedding virtually. All from the comfort of your home.

Prior to these ‘pandemic days’, a bride and groom could plan their wedding with some certainty and things would go along mostly as planned. But now nothing is certain or guaranteed – except – that you still have to start somewhere. Often getting started on this wedding planning journey is the hardest part.

A Virtual Wedding Planner works with couples that want to plan their own wedding but need a little help along their journey. Where to start, your wedding vision, setting a budget, what to book first and what to do next are discussed. Then an easy to follow step-by-step plan is created.

The next thing you know we’ve turned your daunting and overwhelming feelings of confusion and anxiety into exciting and happy thoughts. That in turn equals a memorable wedding day for you and your spouse-to-be.

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This is what Michele had to say about her experience:

“As a bride to be I became quickly overwhelmed with where to begin planning our big day. Something as simple as picking a date and time was complicated. That’s where Nancy came in. By chatting with her we were able to go over our vision and how to begin planning. Thanks so much.”

Consider these 5 benefits of having a Virtual Wedding Planner help you get started:


# 1 – Hash out an Action Plan so you know what to do & when

Many of my brides struggle with where to begin, and how to carry out the overall vision for their wedding day. Good news! You don’t have to do it all yourself.

  • I will help you turn your vision into a workable plan and keep you on track as you put your plans into place.
  • Working together we can reduce your sense of overwhelm from ‘information overload’ and clear the way for your true dream wedding to emerge. I know it’s in there; we just need to coax it out into the light.


# 2 – Provide a sounding board for you so you can share your ideas and not feel judged

Your family, friends, bridal party can all assist but if wedding planning isn’t their business, be careful with their well-intended ‘helpful’ suggestions.

As your Virtual Wedding Planner:

  • I’ll listen to your ideas
  • Offer advice and
  • Make suggestions based on what I know will work (or not). Benefitting from my 20 ++ years and wedding experience, we’ll make decisions based on what is best for you.
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# 3 – Work through difficult family dynamics to help reduce your stress levels

With today’s family blending of ‘mine, yours & ours’, avoiding potential minefields when planning a wedding can be tricky. Be it divorced parents, an overbearing MIL, estranged family members, you name it! There isn’t too much I haven’t dealt with!

I will help you deal with these icky issues without causing you more stress. And you’ll be able to say “our wedding planner doesn’t think that’s a good idea because …..”.  Get’s you off the hook nicely!



# 4 – Develop a Wedding Day timeline so you will know exactly how your day will unfold

There are so many things that need to happen on your wedding day (even for a small wedding), and each takes longer than you think. And don’t forget all those guests you have to factor in.

  • First, we’ll map out all that you have planned and determine how much time is needed.
  • Then we will go through each part of the day and designate times, so you won’t feel rushed.
  • I will assist you with the order and how it will work best so your wedding day runs smoothly and to your satisfaction and comfort level.

Here’s a couple of examples of timelines: a more general one and more specific one. 


virtual wedding planning roadmap of things to do

# 5 – Save you time and money so you enjoy planning your wedding and not worry about over-spending

  • I’ll show you how to work with your budget so it becomes manageable and a better chance of you sticking to it.  My Motto?? Budget before you spend! One bad decision cannot only ruin your day, it can also cost you a lot of money!
  • Help you reduce the amount of time you’re spending searching for what flowers are best, etiquette advice, recommendations, etc. We’ll focus is on what works best for you.


One extra bonus that I should mention is that all these other benefits are able to be done from the comfort of your home or workspace through a media platform like Zoom or Skype. It allows for a much more personal touch as we chat.

As much as you think/want to, you don’t need everything and often there isn’t enough time or money to do it all anyway. We’ll put together a plan that is sure to take the stress out of your wedding planning and give you the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

I don’t want to plan your wedding. That’s your baby. I just want to help you get the most from your plans and make you happy. Getting some guidance and support along the way will make the planning so much more fun. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? 

If you’re ready to take charge of your wedding planning and restore fun and balance to your life, then I offer two ways we can work together:

Just click on either package to get the full details. And remember, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home! What have you got to lose – Stress? Anxiety?

Join other brides and put yourself back in control of your wedding planning. A Virtual Wedding Planner is your new best friend.

Nancy Curtis

Nancy (that's me) is a Kickass Virtual Wedding Planner whose goal is to give every bride the opportunity to plan their wedding with as little stress as possible. Is that something you would like to do? Step by step, I show you how to plan the wedding of your dreams without having to spend countless hours or put yourself in debt. I believe with the right plan for your wedding, you can have that special day you've been dreaming of and enjoy every step of the way. Would you like more information about HOW I can help reduce the stress and overwhelm in your wedding planning? Drop me a line with your details using my CONTACT FORM HERE and I'll follow up with your promptly. And in the meantime, while you're waiting, get started with your wedding planning by Downloading my FREE 6 Simple Steps to Get you Down the Aisle and Keep you Sane Planning Guide to avoid the overwhelm in your wedding planning. Happy Planning!

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