Wedding budget

5 Wedding Venue Planning Tips That You Need to Know Now!

By Nancy Curtis / November 16, 2018

Wedding venue planning is not as simple as choosing where you want to hold your reception. If you need help with that, How to choose the right wedding reception venue is your first read.  I talked about the things to consider when choosing your reception venue. If your venue is chosen, then how do you…

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Wedding Signs – 5 Ways to Use Them in Your Wedding

By Nancy Curtis / November 6, 2017

Signs, Signs, Everywhere there’s signs…..Wedding Signs that is Have you noticed that over the last several years, the signage at weddings has really evolved?  One time the only printed word was on your program and a Thank You favour.  Today Brides and Grooms are adding signs that are not only helpful but fun as well…

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Cash bar yes or no?

Cash Bar: Norm or No-No?

By Nancy Curtis / June 9, 2016

Sometimes clients ask me if a cash bar at their wedding reception is the norm or a no-no. Truthfully, it’s a touchy subject that everyone has an opinion on.  When many couples start planning their wedding budget they are often surprised at the cost of the reception, so a normal first reaction is to ask ‘where…

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