How to Chose the Right Wedding Venue for your Reception

When you start to plan your wedding, picking your wedding venue should be right up there near the top of your first decisions to make. Your venue sets the tone for your wedding.

And know up front that this is not an easy process unless you’ve known since Day 1 where you want to hold your reception.  But if you’re like most brides and you haven’t quite narrowed it down then you have some work ahead of you.

Today’s brides have an endless supply of worthy options – from elegant ballrooms, manicured backyards, secluded lakesides or stunning barns. The choices for your wedding venue can be overwhelming! In the next few paragraphs, I’m sharing some of my top tips for finding your dream venue.

So where do you start when choosing your wedding venue?

Wedding reception Venue

Choose a Theme

Some brides know exactly what their wedding will look like be it a modern, rustic, or vintage theme, while others think they have no theme.  But after a few carefully asked questions, I discovered that they had a theme, they just didn’t realize it.  Your theme is more than just your colours. It also includes

  • the formality of it
  • your likes and dislikes
  • what is your comfort zone
  • and your budget

These all play a part in choosing the right wedding venue for you. Discuss this with your fiancé before visiting any venues so you can narrow it down to the ones that suit you best. 

What’s your Style?

Similar to a theme is the style you wish to convey at your wedding.  Are you looking for a one-stop location for both ceremony and reception or separate spaces?  A more formal gown and tux ceremony may not translate well to a backyard BBQ reception.  Whereas a modern, chic wedding might work well at an art gallery or warehouse.  Make sure your venue gives off the vibe you are looking for.

Wedding reception Venue

Be Authentic and Realistic

Pinterest can be a god-send or a curse.  With so many wonderful ideas and styles that couples are exposed to, it’s hard to match your reality to the dreams you have.  Ask yourselves what feels most like you as a couple in the wedding venues you are looking at.  Where are you most comfortable and will your guests all fit in and be comfortable as well?  Be true to who are.

If you need some help with keeping track of the pros and cons of your various choices in wedding venues, download my handy Venue Comparison Chart here.

Making the Wedding Venue yours

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, decide how much work will go into making the venue adapt to your theme and style.  If it’s the elegant ballroom you’ve chosen for your garden theme, what will be the cost to bring in the ’garden’? Or would it be better to reconsider and move the wedding to a garden park?  Either way, consider your budget.  Adding your own personal touches is a must for any wedding venue. Come up with different ways you can show your guests who you are as individuals and as a couple.

Wedding reception venue


Choosing the right wedding venue for you and your guests will require some serious consideration.  When you find the perfect spot, will it cost more than you planned?

Will that put a strain on your budget?

Are you prepared to make a trade-off for something else that was (or you thought was) important to you?

Remind yourselves what is the most important element to your wedding’s success and your dreams and go with what feels best.



If you need some help in getting your wedding planning on the right path, download my Free 6 Must-Have Tips to avoid the overwhelm in your wedding planning.

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Happy Planning!

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