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DIY – What Does it Mean When it Comes to your Wedding?

DIY is certainly a very trendy and popular type of wedding at the moment. But while everyone assumes that they know what DIY aka Do-it-Yourself is, I‘m not sure everyone’s definition is the same. When I hear brides tell me that they plan to have a DIY wedding, I need to hear more.

DIY Wedding – Really? 

What really is DIY when it comes to weddings? – Does it mean that you’re not hiring professional vendors? – Is it a theme? – Does it mean that you’re making your own decor? – Is it a style? – How much are you planning on doing yourself?  These are questions you need to ask yourself when you say you’re having a DIY Wedding.

In my 20 years as a wedding planner cum coach I have noticed that one bride’s DIY isn’t the same as another bride’s. It has become such a broad term to use to describe weddings that you have to ask the question – what exactly are you DIY-ing?  For example: say you’ve decided to DIY your invitations and centerpieces; or maybe hand make all the jams for the favours. Does this qualify as a DIY wedding? To some, it might, but in reality, and I think to most people, especially in the wedding industry, it just means that you’re adding some details that you made yourself.

Definition of a DIY Wedding

Fall themed cake table

My definition of a DIY Wedding is that you are going to do everything yourself and that you don’t need professionals to help you out. You’ve consciously, or unconsciously, made the decision to take on the roles of designer, co-ordinator, florist, caterer, decorator.  A pretty tall order and a lot of stress to put on yourself, even if you are an extremely organized person.  It’s also an agreement with yourself and your family that the majority of your engagement period will be extremely busy with decisions, crafts, gathering things. It’s an understanding that there’s a good chance you may be totally exhausted when your lovely day is over.  Is this what you want?


Still not sure about the whole DIY thing? Take a moment and read my previous blogs on the Up and Downsides of DIY-ing your wedding: DIY-ing Your Wedding

DIY Wedding or A Wedding with a Personal Touch

We all want to be involved in how our wedding goes together. I mean you’ve thought about this day and the time leading up to it for along time.  How did you picture yourself – calm, happy or stressed, upset?  Hopefully the first two.  When starting your planning, write down all the things that you would like to do to put your ‘personal touch’ on your wedding.  Then, jot down all the details that need to be done for the overall planning of the wedding. Look at it with a realistic eye.  What touches can you add that are yours and what details can be looked after by the professionals?  Then picture yourself as the planning goes along and how you want to look and feel.  This way you are focusing more on creating memorable details, but not taking on the burden of it all. Does that sound like a plan?

That is what it is – not a DIY Wedding but putting together a Wedding Plan.  ‘I’m planning my own wedding with some DIY touches and lots of professional guidance” said the smart bride. It’s a way to choose to be hands-on without being overwhelmed.  If you need help in moving forward with your wedding plan, check out my website Plan it Perfectly Wedding Coaching to see how a wedding coach can help you get started.  Remember, I want you to be able to plan as much of your wedding yourself but do it in a fun and relaxing way.

Nancy Curtis

Nancy (that's me) is a Kickass Virtual Wedding Planner whose goal is to give every bride the opportunity to plan their wedding with as little stress as possible. Is that something you would like to do? Step by step, I show you how to plan the wedding of your dreams without having to spend countless hours or put yourself in debt. I believe with the right plan for your wedding, you can have that special day you've been dreaming of and enjoy every step of the way. Would you like more information about HOW I can help reduce the stress and overwhelm in your wedding planning? Drop me a line with your details using my CONTACT FORM HERE and I'll follow up with your promptly. And in the meantime, while you're waiting, get started with your wedding planning by Downloading my FREE Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide to avoid the overwhelm in your wedding planning. Happy Planning!

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