5 Essential Wedding Planning Tips to Reduce your Stress


5 Essential Wedding Planning Tips


I want to share with you 5 of my most essential wedding planning tips you should know in preparing for the lead up to the big day.

When planning your wedding there are so many details that it makes your head spin. I certainly don’t want to add any more to it but I feel there are some things that should go to the top of your list that might make everything else work just a bit better.

Let’s take your wedding day for instance, and maybe include the week leading up to it. This is when things start coming together (or falling apart) but let’s go with the first because you’ve worked hard to get this far. 


1. Accept that things will go wrong

 As frustrating and upsetting as that may be, the thing here is to realize it may happen and be prepared. How you handle the situation will make all the difference. This is where a sense of humour and understanding can go a long way. A good laugh can reduce the stress levels big time and make you see things differently.



Bride sitting at table having snack - essential wedding planning tips



2.  Remember to Eat and Hydrate

This tip applies to the week leading up to the wedding as well as the day of.  Running around getting all the last minute details in place can often lead to missed meals and dehydration. Be aware of your body’s need for fuel and feed it. You don’t want to get sick before the Big Day.

On your wedding day, make sure you have a good breakfast. The day will fly by so have someone close by with some snacks and water in case it’s awhile before the reception.  During the reception, enjoy the food you choose. Ask for a moratorium on kissing so you can eat uninterrupted.






3. Put together an ‘In-case of’ kit

Survival kit, Bridal bag, Emergency kit – call it what you want but it’s a definite must – have. If you have a wedding planner on hand, she will most likely have one. Ask her just to be sure. If you’re on your own, take the time to make your own.

Touch ups for your makeup can be carried in your clutch or by your bridesmaids. But the actual ‘kit’ should contain some basics like tissues, adhesive bandages, sewing kit, static guard or laundry sheet, pain reliever. You get the idea. Check online for other ideas but also think of what your specific needs might be.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit -Essential wedding planning tips

4. Outdoor wedding must have

Getting married outdoors? Wearing high heels? One definite essential wedding tip is this one.  You need high heel attachments that go on the heels of your shoes to keep you from sinking into the ground. They are life savers! Don’t forget to get some for your best girls too!  You want to float down the aisle and this will help.



5. Seating ‘Johnny come-latelys’

There are always those guests that arrive late. Put out some extra seating at the back (if outdoors) so they can seat themselves quietly and not disturb the ceremony.  If inside, your wedding planner (or designate someone) will seat them at the back.

Now that  you have some idea of what to expect and how to handle them, these 5 essential wedding planning tips should help you feel a bit less stressed. There are lots of things to deal with so take it one step at a time and remember what your end result is.

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