Does your wedding have a Plan C?

Is it necessary to have a Plan C?

Do you have a Plan B or even C?

We all know that when we are planning something we should have a Plan B right? Anytime you are involved in putting together some event or activity that may be influenced by unforeseen circumstances – think outdoor weddings – it’s tres important to have a backup plan or you are going to tempt the weather gods.

Several years ago I worked with a wonderful couple who were getting married outside in a park area with a nearby venue for the reception. They went with the extra expense to have an awning put over the deck so that if it rained the reception area would remain dry. And Plan B was to hold the ceremony in this area as well. In fact, at rehearsal we did a run through in both locations because there was talk of impending showers the next day. Knowing that a Plan B was in place, made the excited couple just a bit more relaxed.
Well, we had more than showers the next day. About 2 hours before the ceremony, the heavens opened up and it poured and the wind blew. Even though there were tent walls on the deck, they couldn’t hold back the rain and wind that blew in. We moved everything we could out of reach of the rain and I did my best to keep the groom calm.
How we handle the situation affects the outcome, right? So it was very important that I kept him occupied and focused on the point of the day.  That in turn kept everyone else under control – including the bride who kept calling for updates. No need to panic.  As the ceremony time drew closer, the groom kept asking what were we going to do. I said don’t worry. It will stop raining in time (fingers crossed as I knew how much it meant for them to get married outside) and if not, then we will do the ceremony in the lodge – which wasn’t very big (Plan C).
Amazingly enough, the sun came out about 10 minutes before we were due to start. So I had the groomsmen help me put out all the chairs, the bride arrived (a little stressed but happy when she knew she could get married outside) and everything else went off as planned.
No matter what you are planning always think of the possibilities of what might happen to change things. You don’t have to overthink it but certainly have some ideas in the back of your mind ‘for just in case’. And make sure to check with your respective vendors to see what back up plans they have.
If you need help with your Plan B or C, as your Wedding Coach I can assist you with that.  Give me a shout and we can talk about it.
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