❤  Wondering the best time to start your wedding ceremony?

❤  Do you have to invite Aunt Frieda?

❤  How do I know the right number of guests to invite?

❤  How big or small does my bridal party have to be?

Are you 'winging it' when it comes to your wedding planning?

I know that most of us feel we should know how to do this. But, sometimes it's not as easy as it looks.

Recently I had a chat with a bride to be Person With Veil on Facebook 4.0. I asked her the same question I ask everyone at the beginning of one of my sessions,"What is your biggest concern with your wedding planning?"

Her answer was being afraid she might forget something - there were so many details to remember. And, after some discussion, she realized she had no definite plan but was sort of 'winging it' 😮.

I helped her come up with a step-by-step plan that would be easy for her to follow, tailored for her wedding and most importantly - to feel in control of what she was doing!

Does this sound like you? Are you afraid you're going to forget some part of the wedding process? If so, I can help. 😉



Now is a good time to put your wedding plans in order and get some of your questions answered.  From May 1 to 29th, I'm offering a free 15-minute chat session to address any concerns you may have. 

Contact me today by clicking on the link to my calendar above and let's take that overwhelm out of your wedding planning.

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