Meet Nancy - Your Solution to Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding? Hi! I'm Nancy, a Virtual Wedding Planner who helps couples start their wedding planning on the right path.

How it all began….

Picture of virtual wedding planner posingOnce upon a time, a young girl named Nancy, wrote her PSAT’s (aptitude testing) and found out she was not university material but should be a party planner. ‘What’s that’?  she exclaimed. She ignored the message and went to uni anyway and got 2 degrees, worked at a number of interesting jobs, got married a few times and eventually found herself unemployed.

One evening, she was at a party and noticed how stressed out the hostess was and didn’t seem to be enjoying this lovely party she had organized. By the time the hostess was ready to spend time with her guests, they were heading home. “Hmmm’, thought Nancy, ‘there must be some way to help a person like this’. With a little research, she discovered that person was called a Party Planner and they got paid to help people with their parties(Imagine!).

‘I can do that”, Nancy said and Perfect Parties by Nancy was born.  Before long Brides were coming to her looking for help with planning a wedding. That led to the business Plan it Perfectly Weddings to be started.  Weddings soon became her main focus, and now virtual planning in particular.

I am happiest when brides share their dreams with me and I'm able to start them on the right path to making that happen.

The End. (well not quite because I haven’t helped you yet!)


Things that make me a great wedding planner that you can benefit from so you can plan like a pro ….


  • I'm a true Virgo personality with a mix of intelligence, attention to detail, common sense, and commitment…. great assets for helping you make the right choices for the wedding of your dreams!
  • You need someone calm, cool and collected to help plan your wedding. Well, it takes a lot to ruffle these feathers. I'm pretty low key so that helps you remain clam and focused as we put your plans together.
  • I always inject humour when possible – so that couples get over their anxiety and the situation they find themselves in. Laughter IS the best medicine!
  • I’ve worked in the hospitality industry, mental heath, tourism even took a shot at politics so I can pretty much fit into anyone’s niche/psyche and make you feel comfortable.
  • My 20+ years as a wedding planner means I easily come up with one or more solutions to any problem you might have so you don't have to waste time looking for answers on your own.
  • Happily married to my husband Bob and built our dream home on the banks of the famous Salmon fishing river – Miramichi. Ironically, neither of us fish but love the calm that comes with watching the river flow by our doorstep. I can be your calm place as you plan your wedding so you get to enjoy the process more.
  • A keen ability to anticipate what might go wrong and correct it before it happens so you don't have to struggle with 'what-ifs'.
  • Love, love, love when brides come to me with their problems so I can help them work through it. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work.  Best part – Toss up between the First Kiss and Recessional.


You’re planning a wedding. I’ve got the know-how. Will we make a good match?  Check out my Wedding Basics offer to see how we can work together to plan your Perfect wedding!

What's Up


Bride and groom posing after wedding ceremonyWe had a lot of great ideas for our vintage inspired wedding.  It was far from traditional and Nancy used her experience to guide the whole process while incorporating our style into the wedding.

Katrina & Patrick

Bride and groom doing first kiss

Nancy was our guide, kept us on track and was an enormous help as we went through the process of planning for the Big Day.

Jessica & Brandon