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You’re Engaged! Now What? Plan your Wedding with Ease!  

He popped the question! You said Yes! Congratulations! You are now a Bride-to Be on a mission to plan the Perfect Wedding.

Your Wedding deserves the Best you can give...

Planning a wedding means making literally hundreds of decisions such as: Are you ready for this??... 

Your guest list, invitations, catering, music, flowers, the gift registry, centerpieces, photographer, videographer, bridesmaids & groomsmen, hotel reservations, travel arrangements, the cake, dress/tux, rings, vows, shoes, hair, makeup, the rehearsal dinner, seating arrangements, and thank-you letters…and then jetting off to a relaxing honeymoon the next day. 

Phew..... I'm exhausted just making the list. How about you? And you're the one who has to do all this. 

Suddenly that high you felt during the proposal and your Engagement is turning into panic.  

  • Your dream wedding is getting lost in the stress of too many decisions.
  • You're not sure what to do first - guest list, budget, pick out your dress
  • Family and friends want to help but you don't know what to tell them  

and you're only getting started! 

WARNING! ! Bride in state of overwhelm  

Sounding a bit too familiar?

You’re excited and have been dreaming about your big day for a long time, haven’t you?  

So many ideas, emotions, and questions! 

You want to be in control of planning your own wedding but are struggling with the overwhelm of all the decisions that have to be made. 

And you want to do it right and within your budget. 

Would you be less stressed and enjoy your wedding planning more if:  

  •  you could balance your day-to-day life with your wedding planning?
  •  you could sort through all the opinions, ideas and suggestions and feel comfortable with your decisions?
  •  you had an easy to follow plan that would help you save time and money?

The good news? By taking careful steps, you can retain your calm and enjoy your wedding day for the wonderful experience that it deserves to be. 

I can help you with that

I’m no stranger to the wedding industry. With my 20+ years as a wedding planner cum coach, I have an abundance of experience and knowledge and I want to share it with YOU! 

Things like: 

  • Putting your dream wedding vision into manageable steps so you can be in control and not stressed. 
  • How to overcome the fear and confusion of trying to plan it on your own.
  • Knowing how many people to invite and who?  
  • The right questions to ask your vendors so you save money 

My goal is to turn those daunting and overwhelming feelings into exciting and happy thoughts which equals a memorable wedding day. 

Wedding coach, Wedding planner

Nancy Curtis Wedding Coach

So how do we do that you ask? With this ‘Just for You’ Offer:  

Personal one on one time with a professional wedding coach 

3 hour Planning Session  

Your coaching sessions will include:  

• A Wedding Wishlist questionnaire to be completed with your fiancé to determine what your Dream wedding would look like • 3 - 60-minute video coaching sessions with me to talk about your Dream Wedding • A step by step plan to get you started on the right path for your wedding planning • Follow up e-mails to address any questions that arise from the coaching sessions • Support material and templates - tips, tricks and tools to assist with your wedding planning 

This is one of the most important days of your life and I’m sure you would like to remove the stress out of the process, as much as possible. 

Am I right?  

For these One on One coaching sessions: 

..... we will identify what the day means for you, 

..... discover the right way to do your planning so you can save time and money

..... focus on how you go about it and 

..... set action steps for planning your wedding your way with confidence! 

After working with me, you will be able to:

  • Identify what you really want, how to ask for it and how to get it
  • Simplify the planning into manageable steps
  • Stay organized and on track
  • Find ways to personalize the day and let your personality show through
  • Stay in control thoughout the process
  • Enjoy your Big Day that much more

Let's Get Started!!

Take these 3 easy steps to get your wedding planning organized now! 

Step 1

Sign up and make your payment via PayPal here. You can also schedule your video call at this point. 

Step 2

Watch for an email from me with your Wedding Wishlist Questionnaire. You’ll reply with answers to the questions before our call so you can get the most out of our time working together.

Step 3

Your first call. 60 minutes of wedding planning tips and a step by step plan via Skype.

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